When it comes to running a business, safety should always be at the forefront. From ensuring your employees are operating in a hazard-free environment to making sure your equipment is well-maintained, every aspect of your facility should be scrutinized. One critical area often overlooked is the commercial overhead door.

In this blog post, we will explore whether your commercial overhead doors might be a safety risk and how you can mitigate these risks by using professional services like JKN Doors.

Why Safety Matters with Overhead Doors

Commercial overhead doors are ubiquitous in various industries, from logistics and manufacturing to retail. These doors are heavy, frequently used, and often go through harsh conditions, making them prone to wear and tear. Neglecting the maintenance of these doors can lead to severe safety risks including:

  • Injuries to Employees: Faulty doors can malfunction, potentially causing injuries.
  • Operational Downtime: A broken door can halt operations, affecting productivity and revenues.
  • Security Risks: Inefficient doors can compromise the security of your facility.

The Importance of Professional Services

Hiring a professional service like JKN Doors ensures that your overhead doors are installed and maintained correctly. Here’s why you should consider professional services:

  • Expertise: Professionals have the skills and knowledge to identify and fix issues that you might overlook.
  • Quality Assurance: Professional services guarantee their work, providing peace of mind.
  • Compliance: Ensuring your doors are up to code is crucial for avoiding legal issues and fines.

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Regular Inspections

Routine inspections are vital to ensure the continued safety and functionality of your overhead doors. During an inspection, professionals will:

  • Check for Wear and Tear: Identifying worn-out parts before they fail.
  • Test Safety Features: Ensuring that all safety mechanisms, like sensors and auto-reverse features, are functional.
  • Evaluate Alignment and Balance: Proper alignment and balance are crucial for the smooth operation of the doors.

Proper Maintenance

Maintenance goes hand-in-hand with inspections. Regular maintenance tasks include:

  • Lubricating Moving Parts: Reduces friction and wear on components.
  • Tightening Hardware: Ensures that all bolts and screws are secure.
  • Replacing Worn-Out Parts: Prompt replacement of worn parts prevents larger issues down the line.


Ensuring that your commercial overhead doors are safe is not just a matter of compliance but also a way to protect your employees, secure your premises, and maintain operational efficiency. By using professional services like JKN Doors, you can mitigate risks associated with faulty doors.

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Make safety a priority by ensuring your commercial overhead doors are in top condition. Book an inspection with JKN Doors today and take the first step towards a safer work environment.