Our Door Services

Commercial Door Services

Our highly trained staff are here to help for all of your door needs. Our team has experience with most types of doors including:

Steel Sectional Doors

Steel sectional doors or non-insulated sectional doors feature ribbed exteriors and are strong, durable, and versatile. Perfect for commercial and industrial business operations requiring medium-duty to heavy-duty doors.

Rolling Steel Doors

A rolling door is a coiling door typically used in commercial and industrial applications. It’s constructed of full hard galvanized grade 80 steel slats that interlock to form a strong and continuous curtain.

Aluminum Grilles

Aluminum Transfer Grille (ATG) Overview Transfer Grilles offer the largest free area possible with the option of a sight-proof or light-proof core. Transfer grilles are designed for use in doors and partitions to allow for smooth transfer of air between spaces.

High Speed Grilles

If you need a high speed grille, the 300 high performance grille has fast opening speeds of up to 24″ per second and closes at 12″ per second. This maximizes productivity, smooths traffic flow and reduces downtime in high traffic applications.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gate moves on a rail, that is usually fixed on the ground. Unlike the regular swing gates, these gates move in a horizontal direction. You can choose from a manual sliding gate design or automated systems, which work on a motor and a transmitter which controls the gate movements

Swing Gates

 Swing gates are gates that open and close automatically with the help of electronic, hydraulic or mechanical devices called swing gate operators. Swing gates reduce the need for humans to open and close the gate, and are increasingly becoming a mainstay in shared facilities, such as airport terminals. 

Dynamic Closures

Sliding Grille (Sliding grilles provide a stylish security solution, and simple side stacking in situation that don’t allow overhead stacking of rolling grilles. American Door’s sliding grilles use top hung curtain and adjustable height roller assemblies in an extruded aluminum track, eliminating floor track)

Pedestrian Traffic Doors

Swinging Doors are typically used for directional, or one-way, pedestrian traffic. Use one door as “In” and another as “Out” to control traffic flow. Sliding Doors can also be used to control one-way traffic flow.

Hollow Metal Doors

Channel reinforced steel sheets and filled with insulation materials such as polystyrene, kraft honeycomb, or polyurethane. Standard metal doors are 1-3/4″ thick and are prime coat painted. What is the difference in a hollow door and a steel door? The higher the gauge, the thinner the steel.

Electric Operators Services

JKN can install and service slide and swing gate operators, draw-bar, jack-shaft, reduction and gear-head motors, and install and program dock equipment, light curtains, keypads, timers, and many other accessories; we also cut and install loops in-house. From turn key installations to troubleshooting, our technicians can handle it all.

Residential Garage Door Services

Here at JKN Doors, no job is too big for our team of door experts. When it comes to garage doors, there are a lot of issues that can lead to a door malfunctioning. From broken spring replacement, automatic openers, off track repairs, and full door replacements. If you need work done on a door, no matter the size, we’ve got you covered.